May Watts PTA

May Watts Elementary School, Naperville IL

If you have any questions, contact Reflections Chair: Priya Viswanathan -

PTA's Reflections Arts Program : 2019-2020 

Reflections Project submission date October 18, 2019.


May Watts Students - unleash your artistic talent through our Reflections Arts Program. 

What is Reflections Arts Program? 

Reflections is the National PTA arts program that inspires children to get creative! Students are invited to create & submit works of art in any of the six different art categories. Every year the Reflections Art program has a unique theme. 

What is this year’s theme?

This year’s theme, “Look Within”, calls for your own unique interpretation through the arts. Reflect on the theme, let your imagination fly and create an original work through one or more art categories. 

What are the art categories? 

The six art categories are:

1. Dance Choreography

2. Film Production

3. Literature 

4. Music Composition

5. Photography

6. Visual Arts 

Who can participate? 

Students of all grades (from KG to Grade 5) and all abilities may participate. Younger and older kids will be judged separately. Each student can create projects in as many art categories as they want. 
Special Artist Division: We are so proud to have a Special Artist Division for students with disabilities who receive services under IDEA or Section 504. Children in this Division have the opportunity and accommodations they may need in order to participate fully in the program. Generally, this division has low participation, increasing the chances of furthering to the next level. Please make use of this great opportunity. 

Grade Division:

Students may enter in the appropriate division for their grade:

          Primary: KG to Grade 2 
          Intermediate: Grades 3 to 5,

          Special Artist: All grades welcome (See Special Artist Division rules for entry requirements). 
How much is the fee?

There is no fee to participate in the Reflections Arts Contest, PTA is organizing this FREE program. 

What happens to the project submissions?

From the local PTA, projects advance by means of a judging system through the Council, District, Region, State and National levels of the program. We are proud to inform that last year we had a student from our school who advanced all the way to State Level (got special mention and award at State Level). The students get recognized at various levels. Every participating student will at least get a certificate. 

What is the deadline to submit the project? 
Friday, October 18, 2019. 

What is the next step? 
If interested, please register at the link given below by Saturday, September 21st, we will send you further details:

Following are the files (click on the file name link to view and download the document) that contains Submission forms, rules and guidelines. Please read through the document completely before you start with the project.


File Links:

03.-student-packet-with-student-entry-form Student Entry Form and guidelines. 
05.-Student-Local-Council-District-Region-Submission-Checklist Entries that do not meet checklist requirements will be disqualified 
06.-theme-search-packet Theme Search Contest. Deadline - Nov. 1, 2019. 
08.-reflections-dance-rules Dance Choreography contest rules
10.-reflections-film-rules Film Production contest rules
12.-reflections-literature-rules Literature contest rules
14.-reflections-music-rules Music Composition contest rules
16.-reflections-photography-rules Photography contest rules
18.-reflections-rules-visual-arts-rules Visual Arts contest rules
20.-reflections-special-artist-division-rules Special Artist Division Rules