May Watts PTA

May Watts Elementary School, Naperville IL

Family Game Night

Ignite Your Mind With Our Fun Games And Puzzles! 


Mark your calendar - April 17th (Wednesday) from 6 pm to 8 pm

Please fill out the following Google form to register to play fun games on the Family Game Night:


What is “Family Game Night”?

National PTA and ThinkFun have awarded May Watts PTA with 42 educational games to foster children’s understanding of and excitement for STEM subjects. May Watts PTA is one of the only 10 PTAs across the country selected to receive a set of educational games through the National PTA STEM + Families initiative (May Watts PTA rocks!!!). May Watts PTA’s selection reflects their leadership and commitment to increasing access to STEM—particularly STEM career—experiences for May Watts children and families.

This event will be free for all the May Watts families to attend and participate! All registrations are free, and did we mention that you can win prizes too?

Some of the attractions of this event:

6:00 pm - The famous “Mr. Freeze” – Cryogenics Show

7:00 pm - Thinkfun Games guided by May Watts Teachers

- Fun Hands-on Thinkfun Games (students from K to 5 can play on their own or get some help from their parents/guardians). We have more than 40 amazing games provided to us by Thinkfun – but need your brain power.

- May Watts Chess Championship

- Scratch Coding Demo (you can demo one of your best Scratch projects – game or any program)

- Makey Makey Hands-on Demo

- Video Game Challenge

 . . . .and much more.


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for this event, please don’t hesitate to email Priya Viswanathan (