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May Watts Elementary School, Naperville IL
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Every parent’s contribution matters!
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Watts PTA has implemented a tool called MemberHub this year.

MemberHub is an online tool that makes PTA'ing easier for everyone.

For school families, MemberHub reduces confusion and provides a one-stop-shop for school communication and calendars, PTA memberships, classroom groups, class photos, group communications (hubs), school spirit wear, event and volunteer sign ups, calendars -- and much much and more! Don't get left out, join MemberHub today!! 

For PTA leaders, the system puts all your tools in one place, making it easier to engage families, raise funds, and stay in good standing with National PTA. You and your volunteers will save hours on admin tasks so you can focus on connecting with your children and building your school community. 

With MemberHub, you can:

  • Create easy sign-ups for your events, items needed, and volunteers.

  • Create continuity in your processes from year to year, even as PTA officers change.

  • Give parents one master view of their classroom and school calendars, with built-in event reminders.

  • Communicate with individuals and targeted groups by email or text, and access a private, up-to-date school directory.

  • Drag and drop files and photos in a secure environment.

  • Get the MemberHub app on your smartphone for managing your PTA on the go.